Janet & Knud
Janet & Knud
WeddingJuly 28, 2012

Janet & Knud's homepage

The cake was made by the groom's niece Tine!
Pictures from our wedding are
In celebration of our wedding, we have created this website partly for fun, but we used it also to various informations for our family and friends. We will still add more pictures, so watch for more pictures coming under the menu "Pictures".

If you are not in our family or friends, you still are welcome to drop by, though it will probably be a little boring to see something about some total strangers like us for you.

We are a little unusual couple who had some trouble finding each other as it turned out that each of us lived on the other side of the earth, one in the Philippines and the other one in Denmark. Encountered some difficulties, trouble and help from the internet, we found each other after so many years of searching and now nothing can separate us more.
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